Lou Dorfsman - Gastrotypographicalassemblage

Took a visit to London Town this weekend to see the Saul Bass exhibition at the Kemistry Gallery. Really small show but interesting, never the less & worth popping to see if you like his graphical style.

What was a little bit disappointing was that I found out I missed their Lou Dorfsman - Gastrotypographicalassemblage exhibition which had focused on his Typographical installation to decorate the cafeteria in Eero Saarinen's CBS Building. I made up for it, though, buy picking up a nice print embossed print taken from a small section of the 11m frieze.



Hengki Koentjoro

© Hengki Koentjoro

Just Came across these stunning photographs by Hengki Koentjoro on Feature Shoot whilst on one of my wandering journeys around the web and instantly felt like I needed to hang one on my wall.

These are the kind of photographs I aspire to take, a dream which I'm working on. There is so much atmosphere, depth and realism in these photographs, something I can never seem to capture in my own shots.

I know my place so I'll leave this kind of thing to the experts.

© Hengki Koentjoro

© Hengki Koentjoro© Hengki Koentjoro

© Hengki Koentjoro© Hengki Koentjoro

© Hengki Koentjoro© Hengki Koentjoro

© Hengki Koentjoro© Hengki Koentjoro

All Photography © Hengki Koentjoro


Uniform Wares

I think I get it from my granddad but I seem to have an obsession with time and time pieces. Where he was more interested in antiques clocks, I find myself intrigued with more modern pieces especially watches.

My college tutor once said you can tell a lot by a mans watch and I think this 300 series Chronograph by Uniform Wares speaks volumes.

Not embellish with jewels or made from precious metals, this timepiece's stature is present in it's pared down aesthetic, the elegantly balanced symmetry of the chronograph's dials and just the meticulous attention to detail present in the whole design.

Images from uniformwares.com


Laurent Nivalle: Le Mans Classic 2010

© Laurent Nivalle 2010

I'm not really a massive fan of motorsport, much to my friends discust, but I can really see the attraction when the sport is so brilliantly photographed. I found these by Laurent Nivalle whilst wandering the pages of Grain Edit and instantly felt connected to his compositions from the The Le Mans Classic.

Though shot in 2010 these pictures have a retrospective, timeless quality, with the depth of field making them almost seem like a mini dioramas, drawing you in to hear every revving engine and inhale the petrol fumed atmosphere

Over all this, what they do best is to capture the idolised sprit, alure and glamour of this classic race.

© Laurent Nivalle 2010© Laurent Nivalle 2010

© Laurent Nivalle 2010© Laurent Nivalle 2010

© Laurent Nivalle 2010

© Laurent Nivalle 2010© Laurent Nivalle 2010

© Laurent Nivalle 2010© Laurent Nivalle 2010

© Laurent Nivalle 2010

© Laurent Nivalle 2010© Laurent Nivalle 2010

© Laurent Nivalle 2010© Laurent Nivalle 2010

More of photos from his Le Mans Classic series can be viewed on he website


Stairway to Reading

This is a really inspiring piece innovative interior architecture sent over to me by Andy C

Created Levitate Architectural Design Studio, it combines access with storage in a confined space to create a beautiful and practical solution. Sometimes it take a sideways slant on a common problem to find a interesting answer and this kind of design always impresses me.

Pics from fubiz.net

Tim Simmons Photography

Just been wondering around ffffound and came across the work of Norfolk photographer Tim Simmons

I really like the way he uses strong artificial lighting to create tension and atmosphere, contrasting against the calm peaceful natural subject matter.

Take a wander over to his site, timsimmons.co.uk, to view more of his photography.


Soul Poster

Really Liking this poster by Mark Boyce, reminds me of the old days, listening to JP play his rare groove & soul tunes. (I need more!)

Not much more to say really, except check out his new site for more work of a similar caliber.

Mark Boyce - Soul Edit Poster 2

Mark Boyce - Soul Edit Poster 1


Jarlo London Spring/Summer 2011

Just received my copy of the JARLO London Spring/Summer 2011 brochure and it's looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

Commissioned by the team at Fluorescent PR to produce this London based label's look book, the only brief was to "keep it simple & let the clothes do the talking."

Working within this open brief and the vast space the oversized format, the challenge was to create the right balance between the imagery, space and copy without overemphasising any one element.

The resulting layout is made up of a series of full bleed and framed images with minimal annotation. This creates both impact, intrigue and balance within the pages.

In addition to the brochure I was also asked to create a selection of posters from the stunning retro photography by Luke Newman and a "mood board" layout for JARLO's exhibition stand showcasing their new collection.

Jarlo London Spring/Summner 2011 Look Book Cover

Jarlo London Spring/Summner 2011 Look BookJarlo London Spring/Summner 2011 Look Book

Jarlo London Spring/Summner 2011 Look BookJarlo London Spring/Summner 2011 Look Book


Musical Tubes

Not sure where I found this, I think it was a post on twitter, but it was defiantly worth posting. Knowing this is achievable, really inspires me to expand my javascript skills and this is only the start of dream!

This amusing web page by Chen Alexander is built entirely using HTML5 & javaScript. The scripts use the real time schedule of the NYC subway to map out the coloured paths, over an accelerated 24hour period which enables the playing a tuneful ping when the lines interact. The result is an simulated random musical compostion, or is it?

That's all you need to know, just sit back and appreciate the work that's go into it.

If you want to know more check out his post Conductor: mta.me or see it live at www.mta.me/


Parallel Parking - Yum Yum London

Cool little animation from Yum Yum London… Just made to brighten up your day.

Yum Yum London


New Online Environment for Nockolds LLP

Working at Beaver Design, we've just set the new incarnation of nockolds.co.uk live.

It's been a labour of love for me really, as my initial involvement in 2006 was one of my first steps into the world of the web design so it was great that the marketing team at Nockolds LLP asked us to take the interface forward.

This new evolution combines a free yet considered interface with an alternate view on a structured layout, meaning we were able to retain tried and tested techniques but manifest them in a new way.

The Beaver team also worked alongside Nockolds Solicitors to enhance the way they manage their online content, adding a news blog for press updates, document archive for industry papers and events calendar.

All in all these developments bring nockolds.co.uk bang up to date creating an interesting and informative legal environment for clients and solicitors alike.

For more information check out the Beavers blog and nockolds.co.uk

Nockolds LLP

Nockolds LLP