Photographer: Matthias Heiderich

I've wanted to post something about Matthias Heiderich for a while now, ever since I saw his work in Grafik Magazine a few months back.

I'm not quite sure what it is about this German photographer's work but it really appeals to me; in particular his "Studie Zwei" & "Funktionsorte" series

Perhaps its his concise compositions of colour, texture and shape combined with the ability to create something interesting out of the mundane and the everyday; then again it could be the minimal, modern, urban subject matter.

More can be found on his website: matthias-heiderich.de so you can make up your own minds.

All images © Matthias Heiderich

Magpie Studios: Imagine The Possibilities

I think these eye catching illustrations by Magpie Studio in collaboration with the paper manufacturer Robert Horne are marvelous.

Commissioned for the release of a new paper range 'Imagine', Magpie were asked to create a campaign to attract us creative types and they certainly came through.

The execution is spot on; quotes about the 'nature of creativity', are combined with brilliant use of visual illusion, bold line and strong colour, creating a set of striking captivating posters.

I'm defiantly going to have to try and get hold of one some how, especially the cover illustration.

Images & heads up from Collate

The Urban High Life

I'm really liking "The High Line" project in New York City. The park is a great recycling of an disused urban space, in this case a railroad, to inject greenery and tranquility into the cityscape.

This elevated parkland, designed by studiosJames Corner Field Operations & Diller Scofidio + Renfro seamlessly snakes through the buildings of Manhattan for over twenty blocks, injecting the countryside into just a small vein of huge concrete, steel and glass landscape.

I especially like how the railway's heritage's has not been disturbed. The new architectural elements slip seamlessly between the old tracks & sidings without disturbance, whilst the planted areas seem to feel like they've been left to overgrow.

I wish there was more apparent consideration made to use disused space in this country, not only for public space but housing too, especially as you can't seem to travel anywhere without seeing a "new build" housing project, rather than refurbishments.

Images © Iwan Baan via designboom