Excitement, Action & Adventure in a Light

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I'd got so engrossed in other things on my recent trip to Brighton that these marvelous sculptural lights completely slipped my mind; that is, until the agent's card just dropped out of the magazine I'd filed it in.

When I fist saw these creations by model maker, Zygmunt Jarzembowski, I was completely captivated by what seemed to be just bundles of vintage toys huddled under a retro light. It was probably the inner child attracted to the toys I used to play with covered in metallic paint.

As I studied them closely I noticed that these were not just "old toys" haphazardly thrown together. These were sculptural compositions, masterfully created with careful thought, strong narrative and social commentary. They seem to immortalize the excitement, action and adventure I used to conjure up in my childhood imagination.

No matter how many memories they restore, I don't think they'd be something allowed to grace the sideboard at home, but perhaps for the office? So If your thinking of what to get me for my next gift, check out Zygmunt's Etsy store: UziPreservations or if you're down in Brighton, try and see one flesh at "In My Room" in the North Lanes.

© UziPreservations© UziPreservations

© UziPreservations© UziPreservations

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New Prints From Adrian Johnson

I've not posted anything for a while as it's been all work and little play recently, but after seeing these fantastic new prints by Adrian Johnson on the Big Active blog I felt compelled to post something.

I've been a fan of Johnson's work ever since I first saw his illustrations in editions of Wallpaper and Monocle magazine; drawn to the 60's cartoon style and the "Inspector Clouseau" type characters. These new prints are fantastic, Johnson uses bold black outlines and restricted colour palettes to create what I can only describe them as "Pink Panther meets Patrick Caulfield" illustrations.

Available from his shop, as 4 colour, hand printed limited editions of 50, I suspect they will be snapped up fast, but fingers crossed he prints more.

All Images © Adrian Johnson