Water Colours of Stina Persson

Just re-stumbled across the work of Stina Persson today. I was first introduce to her work when working with the girls at Fluorescent PR on a some event invitations but never really looked into it again.

Wandering through her online portfolio I found myself growing to really like her style & the techniques she uses to create her illustrations.

All images from stinapersson.com


Please may I have? Please!

Oh Charles Eames, where would we be without you and your design brilliance in the world! If Father Christmas is reading this, I think it will fit in my stocking!

The Story of Eames Furniture
By: Marilyn Neuhart with John Neuhart
Published by: Gestalten
ISBN: 978-3-89955-230-0

Images from Yatzer


Max Bill Watches for Junghans

Just came across these ├╝ber sleek, minimal chronographs designed by Max Bill for Junghans. Really like the pared back detailing on the dials and the way in which case is reduced to the minimum of what's required.

You can tell that these has been meticulously and painstakingly considered until perfection had been achieved; a watch that screams quality and stature without making a sound.

If only the diameter of the dials where a slight larger then one might sit nicely on my elephant's trunk of a wrist.

This find has also inspired me to find out more about the man behind the design.

Images from rakuten.ne.jp


Still Films by Felix Odell

Thought I'd share these gloriously composed photographs by Felix Odell

I've seen his work before in Monocle Magazine, and I have been inspired to find out more after seeing some of his shots of a brewery on thisiscollate.com.

There is something about his work that has an timeless stillness and the compositions draw you into the ghostly scene. You can tell that he treats his subject matter with care and respect, telling their story with out a hint of activity.

Went a bit overboard on the image uploads but I think they need to be seen

All images obtained from felixodell.com & thisiscollate.com

How to Seat the Public

Really like this public seating design by Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz "Stuhlhockerbank's" concept and execution combines great sensibility with a subtile softness and has that humbleness which I'm oh so fond of.

Their website is a veritable grotto of nicely considered designs with subtile twists, that almost verge on becoming art installations, well worth taking a peak if you have the time.

Cheers for the recommendation It's Nice That

Nice Illustration By Hort

Just been on German design agency Hort's website and found this nice illustration they produced for "Bronnt Industries Kapital". Some of the music's not really my bag, though I am thinking of buying the album just so I can get hold of the artwotk?

Pics from hort.org.uk


Refill Seven Laser Decks

Just found this of Refill Seven gallery from an old bookmark I made. The effects are created by etching designs into only seven layers of the deck's ply using a laser.

There's are a few intricate designs in there, but my favourites have to be these by Genevieve Gauckler & Rinzen

Check out the gallery for more designs.