Panique au Village

I was very privileged to be invited to a private screening of "A Town Called Panic" a feature film of the animated series of the same name by St├ęphane Aubier & Vincent Patar.

Going with the preconception of an extra long, French subtitled Cravendale Advert my eyes were pleasantly opened to an extremely funny and charming animation with great attention to detail and imagination.

The film follows the adventures of 3 friends Cowboy, Indian and "Cheval!"… thats all I'm going to say so you'll have to watch it to find out what happens!

Here's the trailer as a little taster, Enjoy!

Cheers for the invite Jarvis

Who Lives in a house like this? (Lucky sods!)

Just found this inspirational house and I'm green with envy! There's probably a long winded explanation about the ideals and design principles of this house by William O’Brien Jr, but who cares how he got there when it looks this good.

I think this might almost be the perfect house in the perfect location. I love it's "tent" like manifestation.

There's not much more work on his site but I'm going to checking back to see what else he creates.


Leonor Morais

Leonor Morais was one of the links from Alexandre Farto website. I Like the abstract patterns and the Japanese print qualities of his his work and the way you can almost follow his thought process when creating his illustrations.

AKA Vhils

Just came across the web site of Alexandre Farto aka Vhils today. Really liked the piece I saw in the Old Truman Brewery, so I thought I'd show you more.

What impresses me is the technique, process and the way he uses the different building materials to "shade" the mural.

Pics from his site


(Some) Street Art is Beautiful

Just came across this amazing piece of french street art on my web wanderings.

Produced by Philippe Baudelocque, the giant mural is composed of complex patterns and shapes rendered in chalk. I don't know how so many people can condemn all street art, especially when this would brighten up anyone's journey into work. (well if you're passing through Paris).

At first they seem to be just abstract shapes but once you've pondered them for a few minutes the whole form becomes clear. Non so more than in this Octopus

Philippe is currently showing his work at the Since.Upian.Gallery. Check out their Flickr set for more pics.

Octopus courtesy of Chrixcel, Fox pics from kitsunenoir.com


Lego & Letterpress…

Came across this from a Creative Review Tweet. I think it's an inspired idea. The process has it's limitations but it's combines one thing that I loved as a child (and still do) with another that I'm itching to explore.

Pics from desingworklife


Brownswood Bubblers Six

Brownswood Bubblers Six is due to be released on the 8th November, which is just in time for people to get down to the shops and buy me a present! Track listing below. Can't wait to here some samples.

  1. Great Weekend – Let's Do It Again (Over and Over)
  2. Raphael Gualazzi – Reality and Fantasy (Gilles Peterson Remix)
  3. Javelin – Intervales Theme
  4. Grooveman Spot – Happy (feat. Kissey Asplund)
  5. MdCL presents Rahel – Hope
  6. Quadron – Average Fruit
  7. Pursuit Grooves – Pressure
  8. Elou Elan – Sunday Times
  9. Half Seas Over – Here On The Plains (Iambic Remix)
  10. Nick Rosen – Ancestral Echoes
  11. Taylor McFerrin feat. RYAT – A Place In My Heart
  12. Pedestrian – Hei Poa (Bubblers Edit)
  13. Submotion Orchestra – Finest Hour (Planas Remix)
  14. Gang Colours – No Clear Reason
  15. Ghostpoet – Liiines (Demo Version)

Organise Me

Found this neat little desk top organiser by Kaiju Studios Described as "is an exploration of the working desktop landscape" The choice of materials combined with the execution of forms gives it a comforting feeling and the simple quirkiness that I kind of like… I'm clearing a spot on my disk in anticipation!


Not Another Day Bed

Just found this beautiful simplistic day bed by Another Country Such a simple piece with vast humility and a sense of the vernacular. A perfect example of modern design meeting craftsmanship

Check out their website for more

Suzy Q & the Owls

Just going through some old bookmarks and rediscovered the work of Suzy Wright aka Suzy Q & the Owls. She creates some really detailed, intricate and subtle illustrations with and abstract edge, that is some how typically Scottish.

First discovered her work when stumbling across the Odd One Out store on trip to Edinburgh.

Rural Renovation

Really loving the contrast of modern architecture in a rural setting with this renovation project by Austrian Architects Propeller Z I will be doing something like this one day!

A few more pics can be found on the project page of their website.

Back in the Empire's Day

Something about the original SW Trilogy that still inspires me. I use computers every day and appreciate the time that goes into CGI but there's something about doing it "old school" that has a charm and feeling that can't be recreated.

Find out how the dream was made from The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the film. Time to pinch the folks VCR to watch the original originals.

Pics from Vanity Fair


Illuminated Design

A nicely designed yet simple, duel purpose, hand blown table lamp/ pendent by Samuel Wilkinson

Images from dezeen.com

Typographic Maps

Found these interesting maps on cpluv.com. The Boston & Chicago maps use carefully place type to render the cities' streets, parks, neighborhoods and coastlines.

Read more at axismaps.com

Ninia Gukumatz 19*62

Found this on Flickr, kinda liked it. Wish I could say more about it but my Mexican is poor!

New Weaver Fever

I've seen a lot of Mark Weaver's work around the internet, mostly on FFFFound. Although I kind of liked his technique and compositions, they have never inspired me to look deeper into his work. All Change this morning though, as I found these on his Flickr late last night

I think it's the simplicity of the silhouettes, subject matter and the subtle layering I prefer on these compared to his other illustrations.

All sold out in his shop. Just my luck, should of been a believer form the beginning.