"Solar" - A Beautiful Weather App

© Solar Weather App

Nothing can be more boring than talking about the weather but with this new App, Solar, by Hollr the weather has go a whole lot more interesting.

I really like the simpleness of the interface and they why you have to interact to gather information. It just feels intuitive, making full use of the native touch functionality.

The ├╝ber clean interface clearly displays the current weather over a gradient to illustrate the temperature through to the weather at the time of day.

Simply sliding you finger up the screen alters the information for the next 24 hours. The colours of the gradient alter to represent the change in temperature and to indicate the period of the day; and if rain is on the horizon, the background animates.

Want to know what the weathers doing over the next 3 days? Simply pull down on the interface to view a basic overview.

© Solar Weather App© Solar Weather App

The App also allows you to swipe through multiple locations in addition to the initial GPS generated data. All you need to do is pinch the screen to display or start creating a grid of your favourite locations.

© Solar Weather App© Solar Weather App

And that's it and I don't believe you could need anything more. All I can say is spend 69p and Buy it.