Disney Remixed & Re-edited

After this post over on BOOOOOOOM and a tweet by @AlanDalby prompted me to listen to the tracks again, I thought I'd post a few of my favourite Disney Remixes, which I found after first discovering the "Alice" by Pogo (Nick Bertke) about a year ago.

I'm not saying that these are masterpieces or the coolest things if heard, just that, in my opinion, they are executed well and their arrangements don't completely devastate the original.

These aren't in any particular order but "Alice" is a definite favourite.

View "Alice" video on youtube

View "Lost" video on youtube

View "Little Murmur" video on youtube

There was another tune I wanted to post; a PHat remix and edit of The Caterpillar's "Who Are You" Speech from Alice in Wonderland, but unfortunately it's no longer available on youtube, so I guess it's lost forever unless someone can find it.

Pogo has created quite a few of these remixes using various classic and popular films; my favourites being Go out and love someone and White Dress. If your interested you can listen on his site and lastFM.